PowerPoint Quick Start Guide

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New to PowerPoint 2016? Use this guide to learn the basics.


Create something

Begin with a Blank Presentation to get right to work. Or save yourself a bunch of time by selecting and then customizing a template that resembles what you need. Click File > New, and then select or search for the template you want.


Stay connected

Need to work on the go and across different devices? Click File > Account to sign in and access your recently used files anywhere, on any device, through seamless integration between Office, OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, and SharePoint.

PQSG4Find recent files

Whether you only work with files stored on your PC’s local hard drive or you roam across various cloud services, clicking File > Open takes you to your recently used presentations and any files that you may have pinned to your list.


Share your work with others

To invite others to view or edit your presentations in the cloud, click the Share  button in the top right corner of the app window. In the Share pane that opens, you can get a sharing link or send invitations to the people you select.


Get inspired while you work

Pressed for time or feeling uninspired? Let PowerPoint create great-looking slides for you based on the content you’ve added. Insert or paste an image on your  current slide and then click your preferred layout in the Design Ideas task pane.

PQSG6Morph images and objects

PowerPoint 2016 introduces Morph, a new cinematic effect that creates smooth, animated transitions by tracking and moving images and other objects across  multiple slides in your presentation.


To apply the effect, select both slide thumbnails, click the Transitions ribbon tab, and then click Morph. PowerPoint tracks the objects found on both slides and then animates their size and position when the effect is viewed.


To preview the effect, click Preview on the Transitions ribbon tab. If you want to customize the effect, click the Effect Options button on the Transitions tab.


Format shapes with precision

Precisely format a selected picture, shape, or object with the comprehensive tools available in the Format Shape task pane. To display it, click the Home tab, and then click the small arrow in the lower right corner of the Drawing ribbon group.


Find whatever you need

Type a keyword or phrase into the Tell me what you want to do search box on  the ribbon to quickly find the PowerPoint features and commands you’re looking for, to discover Help content, or to get more information online.


Look up relevant information

With Smart Lookup, PowerPoint searches the Internet for relevant information to define words, phrases, and concepts. Search results shown on the task pane can  provide useful context for the ideas you’re sharing in your presentations.



PowerPoint Shortcuts

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Save over 45 minutes every day using these simple shortcut keys! 

Function Short-cut Key
Bold Ctrl-B
Close Ctrl-W
Close Ctrl-F4
Copy Ctrl-C
Cut Ctrl-X
Find Ctrl-F
Italics Ctrl-I
Menu bar F10
Move to the end of the entry End
New (slide) Ctrl-N
Next window Ctrl-F6
Open Ctrl-O
Outline:  Collapse Alt-Shift –
Outline:  Demote paragraph Alt-Shift-Right
Outline:  Expand Alt-Shift +
Outline:  Move paragraph down Alt-Shift-Dn
Outline:  Move paragraph up Alt-Shift-Up
Outline:  Promote paragraph Alt-Shift-Left
Outline:  Show All Headings Alt-Shift-A
Outline:  Show heading level 1 Alt-Shift-1
Paste Ctrl-V
Print Ctrl-P
Repeat Find Shift-F4
Repeat/Redo Ctrl-Y
Replace Ctrl-H
Save Ctrl-S
Select all Ctrl-A
Slide Show:  Begin the slide show F5
Slide Show:  Black screen show/hide B
Slide Show:  End Esc
Slide Show:  Erase annotations E
Slide Show:  Go to next hidden slide H
Slide Show:  Hide pointer and button always Ctrl-L
Slide Show:  Hide pointer and button temporarily Ctrl-H
Slide Show:  Mouse pointer to arrow Ctrl-A
Slide Show:  Mouse pointer to pen Ctrl-P
Slide Show:  Next slide N
Slide Show:  Previous slide P
Slide Show:  Set new timings while rehearsing T
Slide Show:  Stop/restart automatic slide show S
Slide Show:  Use mouse-click to advance (rehearsing) M
Slide Show:  Use original timings (rehearsing) O
Slide Show:  White screen show/hide W
Spelling and Grammar check F7
Switch to the next presentation window Ctrl-F6
Switch to the next tab in a dialog box Ctrl-Tab / Ctrl-Page Down
Switch to the previous presentation window Ctrl-Shift-F6
Switch to the previous tab in a dialog box Ctrl-Shift-Tab / Ctrl-Page Up
Turn character formatting on or off Num /
Underline Ctrl-U
Undo Ctrl-Z


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